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Develop the Habit of Winning

“Everyone loves a winner”. However, being a winner doesn’t mean you have to be in first place at a sporting endeavour or achieve the ultimate heights in professional and financial successes. LMA’s definition of being a winner is achieving the goals that are important to you, so that you can be your own definition of success in your life.

At work we all have a choice.  To achieve and win at what we do or to let obstacles and circumstances stand in our way.  Choose to become a winner.

Winners approach life with the confident expectation that they can solve any problems that arises, turn difficult situations into positive advantages and achieve any realistic goal that is important to their success.  Winners have a positive expectancy and radiate the attitude of success.

Winners share some general attitudes that are basic to success. By practicing these attitudes, anyone can develop the habit of winning.

  • Think positively. Winners start each day looking for what can be done instead of worrying about what can’t be done.  Look for ways you can succeed rather than reasons why you can’t.   Hold positive expectancy and develop basic plans for overcoming any obstacle or challenge that you may encounter.
  • Plan and set S.M.A.R.T goals: By setting S.M.A.R.T goals and developing detailed plans and action steps for their accomplishments, winners can make positive progress every day towards a goal. When they meet roadblocks or obstacles they have a plan which accounts for these issues and has outcomes which help to react, work through and overcome them. Winners are confident of their success because they know that by following their plans they will achieve their goals.
  • Expect to succeed: A mindset of positive expectancy is always to the fore front in the mind of a winner.  Winners understand that their attitudes create self-fulfilling prophecies. The powerful goal setting activity of winners transforms their expectations into the realities of success in life.
  • Accept responsibility: Winners adopt an “above the line” attitude. They exercise initiative and do what is needed because they know that it is up to them personally to achieve their success in life. Winners acknowledge their mistakes and failures and learn from them. As a result they grow in their own personal strength and character.
  • Use your creative abilities.  Winners look for innovative new ways to improve their results.  We are all born with the ability to be creative and innovative.  Look for ways to do things better.  Cultivate your creativity, exercise it, and trust it.
  • Make a personal commitment to your goals.  Winners make commitments.  When you decide to achieve a goal, commit to it’s success immediately.  Stick to your purpose until your goal is realised.  Make a definite choice and then commit to following it.
  • Be willing to pay the price.  Winners don’t expect to get something for nothing.  They are willing to invest the time, effort, creativity and money necessary to achieve their goals.  Be prepared to do what it takes to become successful.

If you are looking to create some new goals with a winning attitude check out the 9 steps to goal setting with LMA.  Alternatively feel free to contact LMA for any further information. 1300 333 270.