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Did you achieve all you planned to in 2015?

A snapshot survey conducted just a few weeks before 2015 comes to a close highlights that many of us did not achieve all we set out to achieve this year. Remarkably, only 36% of leaders, managers and employees surveyed felt they achieved ‘all or almost all’ of what they wanted to achieve this year at work.

The results, taken from Leadership Management Australia’s 2015 Achievements Survey – part of the ongoing Leadership Employment and Direction (L.E.A.D.) Survey series – show that around one-in-two (52%) achieved ‘half or more’ of what they had hoped to in 2015.

The remaining 12% claimed to have achieved ‘less than half’ of what they intended (10%) or ‘very little/none’ of what they planned to achieve (2%).

According to those achieving at least some of what they wanted to, the Top 5 Contributors to Achievement were:

Ranking %
1. Clear targets / objectives 38
=2. Effective time management 35
=2. Support from team members / colleagues 35
4. Effective delegation 28
5. Structured goal setting and review 24

In contrast, those who fell short of achieving all or almost all of what they had hoped to cited the following as the Top 5 Factors Limiting Achievement:

Ranking %
1. Lack of management support 28
2. Insufficient access to resources / materials 26
3. Not controlling / managing interruptions 24
4. Insufficient access to staff / personnel 22
=5. Unclear targets / objectives 21
=5. Ineffective time management 21

(Note – respondents could nominate up to three contributing and three limiting factors)

LMA’s Executive Director of Strategy and Growth, Andrew Henderson surmises that “there’s a lot to be said for having clear targets, managing time well, delegating effectively and using structured goal setting to drive achievement.”

Based on these results, it seems that those who have achieved the most in 2015 have taken the time to plan the various aspects of their year – a central theme of LMA’s unique learning experience that typifies its approach to training and development.

“All too often, people at all levels of organisations just let the year happen to them. They wake up at the end of the year disappointed with the ways things turned out. Having a goal-directed plan, backed by a consistent approach to developing and supporting people at all levels of the organisation is essential to deliver exceptional results through people”, he said.

Have you got a plan for you and your team for 2016?