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Do Even The Best Leaders Have a Use-By Date?

True or False: The optimum period of leadership is stated to be between six and nine years.

Many of our best and most effective leaders have served for much shorter and indeed much longer terms at the top. So how long is too long for a leader to lead?

There is no true or false answer to a question like this. When the effectiveness of the leader is called into question through a lack of innovation or the appearance of stagnation, the writing starts to appear on the wall and it becomes the leader’s duty and responsibility to prepare and hand the reigns to a successor who can take up the charge.

However many leaders fail to recognise the early signs that their effectiveness has begun to wane and they need to move on and move out.

Current and aspiring leaders should recognise that they may well have a ‘Best Before’ date (perhaps even a Use-By date) and must be regularly checking that they are still palatable and effective in their role as a leader.

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