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Empowered people. Better results.

Today we are embracing a giant milestone event! We have refreshed the LMA brand and we are announcing the creation of Thrive Alliance, a brand joining together our group of companies.

A message from our Founder – Grant Sexton

On the 24th of May 2017 we celebrate LMA’s 45 years in business. What started in a small office in Wellington Street, St Kilda in Melbourne, has grown to become a recognised and respected provider of training and development services throughout Australia and New Zealand. From 3 people, with very little business experience, but an abundance of enthusiasm, passion and hope, we now have over 140 passionate and professional people involved in our business across both countries. We have evolved as an organisation that truly understands its destiny and its mission – “Creating exceptional results through people”.

It has been a very long journey, during which we have been privileged to partner with incredible people in our team to assist over 120,000 people in their personal and leadership development journeys. Obviously, there have been many changes in the training and development sector across Australia and New Zealand over those 45 years. We have adjusted to many changes, and often initiated positive changes within our sector.

Many of those positive changes and improvements that have shaped our progress were initiated by ideas and feedback from you, our clients. Our individual clients who, as participants, enrolled in LMA and Think Perform programs, and our corporate clients being the employers who understand the importance of creating great learning and development opportunities for their people. Amongst the thousands of small incremental innovations and improvements, we have also achieved many large quantum leaps and milestones.

Many people are aware that the reputation of the VET sector in Australia has been severely damaged in recent years with abuse of government funding by unscrupulous operators, especially the VET Fee Help Scheme in the Business to Consumer (B to C) market. Substandard training and unearned certificates and diplomas became the norm for a large number of the providers in our field. As a result of much closer scrutiny, many high profile providers, predominantly in the B to C market, have now closed their doors, had their RTO status revoked or gone into voluntary administration.

However, we believe that the major problems, dramas and difficulties that the VET sector has been experiencing over recent years are coming to an end.


We at LMA, see a very bright and exciting new future. Our high quality training and development solutions will be sought after by individuals and organisations who understand the real value of investing in people’s potential.

We are modernising our blended learning model to meet your requests. As of this week, LMA Participants will be able to access the new FBOL App via their Apple or Android device. These apps will be available in the Apple and Google Play stores, and download links will be available on the login page of the Feedback Online website.

In addition to audio streaming, participants will be able to view and update their win/win agreement goals and personal goals as well as communicate with their Facilitator and Manager/Mentor.

There are many more improvements and new innovative initiatives scheduled for release in 2017-2018. Over the next 5 years, we will build a true “RTO with a difference”. An RTO committed to developing individuals and organisations towards their full potential.

Today we are embracing another giant milestone event, as we prepare for the future. LMA is the RTO within the Thrive Alliance group of companies which provides much more than the delivery of high quality, life-changing leadership development and transformational change programs. For this reason, we are launching a new look and feel in our branding for this exciting journey into the future.

We are proud to introduce to you…

Thrive Alliance
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Brand refresh and Thrive Alliance information:

Thrive Alliance is the umbrella brand that joins together our group of complimentary and specialised brands, all with the same purpose – creating exceptional results through people.

In itself, the name Thrive Alliance speaks to the vision for our group of companies and brands; an alliance of people, brands, products and services which empower our Participants and Client Organisations to thrive.

The launch of Thrive Alliance and the development and additions to the products and services offered, is a result of ongoing feedback from our Clients and Participants. We believe it is our responsibility as your trusted training and development partner to provide tried and tested development programs which deliver measurable results and R.O.I whilst innovating and releasing new tools and courses which satisfy a broader range of your needs and requirements. The Thrive Alliance Framework allows us to do just that.

So how does it all fit together?

LMA – Leadership and Performance Development.
Empowered People. Better Results.
Leadership Management Australasia is the proven best choice for unlocking the potential in people to positively impact results and the bottom line.


THINK PERFORM – Empowering Continuous Improvement.
Sustainable Change. Better Results.
The proven best choice for empowering people to drive continuous improvement and to positively impact culture, results and the bottom line.


THRIVE MORE – A range of best-in-class courses, tools and solutions to positively impact your people’s performance.
As opposed to the Premium Programs offered by LMA and Think Perform, Thrive More will offer short courses and workshops predominantly delivered over half, one or two days. At this stage, our Thrive More products include:

· Emotional Intelligence
· Productivity and Performance Improvement
· Lean Foundation Workshops
· Sales Foundation
· ….and many more to come


THRIVE PARTNERS – A network of complimentary trusted partners adding value to your business.


Our success over the years is because we have not tried to be all things to all people. However, we have many clients that ask us for recommendations to providers of products and services which are outside our offering. Over time, we will be growing a network of trusted Partners which can provide quality products and services to our clients when the need arises.

To find out more, call 1800 333 270 or click here to visit the Thrive Alliance Website.

There are many more improvements and new innovative initiatives scheduled for release in 2017-2018.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from LMA and Thrive Alliance!