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Empowerment through Delegation

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Effective delegation attitudes can be taught and learned. Because of people’s diverse backgrounds, these attitudes come more naturally and are more easily understood by some people than others. When desire is present, however, any attitude or personality trait can eventually be developed. Continually observe leaders around you, glean ideas from books and articles, make a conscious decision to infuse your thought processes with positive ideas and belief in others and encourage appropriate team behaviour. Here are several actions you can use regularly to set the stage for an empowered delegation environment:

  • Think and talk in terms of “we”, not just “me”.
  • Actively encourage and seek feedback and suggestions for improvement within the operation
  • Recognise that mistakes are part of the learning process
  • Replace the word “failure” with other words in your vocabulary, like mistake, learning experience or test.
  • Know your personal strengths and limits
  • Be willing to entrust others with parts of your role
  • Rotate leadership responsibility for meetings and projects when appropriate
  • Include all contributors’ names on reports, memos and other communication
  • Constantly communicate and repeat the team goals and your reason for working together
  • Be available for others, at the same time, encourage resourcefulness and creativity. Effective delegation gives the message: “Do whatever it takes – you have the talent!”

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