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External Training Methods Delivering Greatest Benefit

Despite the unscrupulous conduct of a number of Registered Training Organisations and the resulting investigations and actions to address such conduct, it is refreshing to note that the benefits/effectiveness of professional and outcome driven externally supplied training continue to be recognised by the most important people in the training and development industry – the clients.

It is interesting to note that between two-thirds and three-quarters of leaders, managers and employees in the latest wave of the Leadership Employment and Direction (L.E.A.D) Survey believe that training delivered by external providers delivers the greatest benefit to their organisation. Leaders and employees are fairly evenly divided in their view that training conducted by external suppliers undertaken internally or externally provides greatest benefit, well ahead of internal training conducted by internal staff.

Managers, on the other hand are much more in favour of external providers conducting training at the workplace, presumably as it does not require those being trained to travel to attend.

Training method that delivers greatest benefit Leaders
Training undertaken internally, conducted by company staff 18 19 16
Training undertaken internally, conducted by external suppliers/trainers 34 41 35
Training undertaken externally, conducted by external suppliers/trainers 35 32 39
Not sure 14 8 10

We can only surmise that the experiences of leaders, managers and employees have provided most with the perspective to conclude externally provided training delivers greater benefits.

This is a salutary reminder that, in the main, RTOs and private training providers seek to deliver benefit and do so to enhance the skills and knowledge of participants, their managers and leaders and organisations overall.