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Fine Tune Relationships in the Workplace

How well people work together strongly influences the quality and quantity of their work. In other words, relationships in the workplace have a very strong influence on people’s performance and productivity.

Periodically ask yourself the following questions to fine tune your relationships in the workplace:

  1. Am I really trying to develop good relationships with my workmates at all levels? It’s just as important to have a good relationship with your workmates as it is to have a good relationship with your boss. If you are a team leader, lead by example. Make the effort to develop good relationships with your team members.
  2. Do I, as a member of the team, make the best contribution that I can? This is a complex question as every team member has a role. There are times when you can say that fulfilling your role and responsibility is enough. However, there are other times when you can go the extra mile. It could be helping out another team mate, using a bit more of your discretionary effort or providing suggestions or ideas to improve other areas of the team’s activities. These ideas and suggestions should be given freely and considered carefully by everyone.
  3. Listening to what others are actually saying. We are all different. It is important that we listen for the message behind the words that others use. Use empathy to put yourself in another person’s shoes. Listening with empathy helps you gain a greater understanding of others’ points of view. It also shows that you care. Remember the old saying “No-one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”.
  4. Do I appreciate everyone’s differences? We all live in a very diverse workplace with different genders, ethnicity, ages, experiences, education and social backgrounds. However, it’s through diversity that a team truly works well. See others for the strengths that they bring to the team, not by their differences. Welcome and embrace the rich diversity within your team to improve relationships in the workplace.
  5. Do I make new people feel welcome and a part of the team? Make a conscious effort to remember new people’s names and greet them warmly. Make an effort to find out a little about them, their goals and interests. Again, show that you care and welcome them as valuable members of the team and the organisation.
  6. How can I help fine tune relationships in my workplace? Asking this question of yourself will open your mind to ways in which you can contribute to better relationships and overall work experiences for yourself and others. Not only will work become more enjoyable, everyone will also achieve greater results.

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