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Getting back to work

After a much deserved break it can be a shake up to go back to work.

When the holiday turns into reality again it may require a period of readjustment, here are a few actions you can take and some attitudes you can adopt to help ease the post-vacation blues .


If you’re returning to work on the Monday, give yourself the Sunday before to have a day at home, rest and prepare the week ahead. This extra bit of time will assist you to recover from the journey if you have travelled, buy groceries for a healthy week and rest up for the first week back.

If your inbox is usually bogged down on the first day, scan before going into the office

Most people spend the first day going through their inbox after a vacation. If you know from experience that you spend the first few hours deep in email correspondence it may be worth spending the night before scanning for the most important messages and deleting unnecessary spam. By taking the time to scan your inbox before the first day back you can jump straight back into the main bulk of your work for the week.

Prepare a healthy eating plan

When on holiday we eat out a lot and tend to overindulge, both on food and on drink. Most of us gain a little holiday weight which can be actively shifted after the relaxation period. What you choose to eat the first week back can determine your energy levels for the remainder of that week and the work period to follow. A series of healthy home cooked meals can assist to battle the holiday bulge and return the body to a sense of routine.

Go back to work with a positive attitude

Yes you’re back at work, but that doesn’t have to mean it is all doom and gloom. Ensure that you acknowledge what made the break good, but remember what you like about being at work and what you get out of your position. Often the first couple of days are a real transitional period from relaxation to focus. Allow yourself the time to adjust and remember the good things about being at work and being on break.