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Good communicators = good leaders

Regardless of the industry, size of organisation, or location; the best leaders are high-level communicators.

Their values and goals are solid and clear and they promote them with conviction, in turn nurturing the growth of similar values and goals in their employees.

Encouragingly, three-quarters of employees claim to have had a great or moderate level of communication from their leaders about the immediate future of the organisation (75% up from 65% in 2011).

However, when it comes to the individual’s future with the organisation, little or no progress has been made in recent times. More than one-third of employees have had little or no reassurance about their own future in the organisation (38% up from 35% in 2011).

Why is reassurance about the future (organisationally and individually) important to employees? Quite simply… it is about locking people in, engaging them and giving them a vision to buy into.

From LMA’s L.E.AD. survey book “Today’s workplace – Present realities…Future realities”, 2013
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