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Great groups need a great coach


Sports and business aren’t as different as they may first seem. In order to effectively lead your team, you’ll need to direct your players. But you’ll also need to encourage them, motivate them, support them…coach them.

Here are some words of wisdom from some sports coaches…

Greatness starts with great people – coaches know that an excellent system can produce a very good team, but to produce a truly great team you need superb talent.

Every great group has a strong leader – the leader has to be worthy of the group.  He or she must warrant the respect of people.  Everyone must have complete faith in the leader’s instincts.

Great groups are optimistic, not pessimistic– great things are accomplished by talented people who think they will accomplish them.  Optimism doesn’t replace talent, but pessimism will prevent talent from blooming.

The leaders of great groups give them what they need and free them from distraction – the coach acts as a buffer between the group members and the things that could complicate their lives or interfere with their performance.

From Great Groups, Great Coaches by Sean McCann USOC Sports Pyschologist
(from Olympian Coach E Magazine)