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Open vs tailored solutions

Leadership Management Australia (LMA) partners with more than 1,600 client organisations across Australia and New Zealand, aligning courses, content and delivery methods to best meet their individual training and development needs.

Before choosing a specific learning format, a key decision is whether you should enrol your participants in an “open enrolment” course, where the LMA course is delivered off-site to participants from a variety of organisations, or (“in-house”) where a custom training solution more specific to your needs is delivered on-site.

To suit the varying needs of our wide client base across Australia and New Zealand, we provide four ways to implement our leading edge courses:





Strategic In-House


Client- Supplier In-House


Whether you choose an open enrolment or a custom tailored training solution, you’ll benefit from our unique development process which delivers:

  • Permanent behavioural change of participants
  • Measurable results against pre-determined goals and objectives
  • Identifiable ROI per participant

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