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The Performance Edge

AUSTRALIA - Statement of Attainment towards Certificate IV in Leadership & Management BSB40520
Commencement DateTimeLocationGraduation DateVacancies
Wed,20 Mar 202402:00 PMNational DeliveryWed,29 May 202414
Tue,28 May 202402:00 PMNational DeliveryTue,06 Aug 202418
Tue,27 Aug 202402:00 PMNational DeliveryTue,12 Nov 202417

Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors

AUSTRALIA - Certificate III in Business BSB30120
Commencement DateTimeLocationGraduation DateVacancies
Thu,07 Mar 202401:00 PMNational DeliveryThu,22 Aug 202411
Tue,23 Apr 202408:30 AMNational DeliveryTue,08 Oct 202417
Thu,30 May 202401:00 PMNational DeliveryThu,14 Nov 202418
Tue,30 Jul 202408:00 AMNational DeliveryTue,18 Mar 202518

Challenge of Leadership

AUSTRALIA - Certificate IV in Leadership & Management BSB40520
Commencement DateTimeLocationGraduation DateVacancies
Thu,07 Mar 202408:00 AMNational DeliveryThu,31 Oct 20243
Wed,10 Apr 202401:00 PMNational DeliveryWed,04 Dec 202416
Wed,29 May 202408:00 AMNational DeliveryWed,05 Mar 202515

The Sales Edge

AUSTRALIA - Certificate III in Business to Business Sales SIR30316
Commencement DateTimeLocationGraduation DateVacancies
Tue,26 Mar 202401:00 PMNational DeliveryTue,19 Nov 202414
Tue,18 Jun 202408:30 AMNational DeliveryTue,08 Apr 202518

High Performance Management

AUSTRALIA - Diploma of Leadership & Management BSB50420
Commencement DateTimeLocationGraduation DateVacancies
Thu,28 Mar 202401:00 PMNational DeliveryThu,05 Dec 202415
Thu,20 Jun 202408:00 AMNational DeliveryThu,27 Mar 202518

Exceptional Customer Service

Commencement DateTimeLocationGraduation DateVacancies
Wed,28 Feb 202408:00 AMNational DeliveryWed,10 Apr 202416
Mon,20 May 202401:00 PMNational DeliveryMon,01 Jul 202416

Workplace Leadership Essentials

Commencement DateTimeLocationGraduation DateVacancies
Mon,26 Feb 202401:00 PMNational DeliveryMon,06 May 20240
Wed,22 May 202401:00 PMNational DeliveryWed,17 Jul 202417

Leadership Management Australia’s leadership, productivity, sales, teamwork, management and performance courses will improve the performance of your organisation by developing your people and their high performing behaviours – making them more organised, more productive, and more efficient.

By developing this performance edge, our courses will inspire your team to become better managers, leaders and salespeople who can resolve issues and take the lead more competently and confidently.

Our leadership management courses are designed to provide a permanent change in attitudes and behaviours, measurable results and an identifiable return on investment.

All leadership, training and development courses are facilitated by experienced industry professionals.

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Leadership Management Australia – Johnson
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