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Leading Resolutions.

New Year Resolutions: eat healthier, lose weight, find love, and reach the top of Everest, however ambitious these resolutions seem, it is common practice for people to set themselves new personal goals to be achieved in the coming year.

So… why don’t we do this for our workplace?  Many leaders don’t even think to apply this form of self-reflection to their professional lives.  If that’s you, here are some resolutions that could help you drive new Win-Win goals for 2018.

Resolutions for the workplace:

Resolution 1) Plan to be successful:

Often it is a slow time of year when you return to the office after the summer break, try to use your fresh mindset and apply your organisational skills to look ahead and plan out the next few months.  Your stress can then be self-managed prior to your workload (and stress) increasing.  Setting goals for the year is also an effective means of self-assessment, did you hit the mark in May that you aimed for in January?

Resolution 2) Learn about or apply new technology to your workplace:

Everyone loves to find an easier way to do something, if it saves time, it generally also saves the company some revenue. Technology moves at such a rapid rate that unless you are keeping one finger on the pulse you can easily miss opportunities to improve the day to day processes of some activities.  Huge strides has been made in the automation of customer relationships via CRM tools, the management of sales lists via calendar programs, and the automation of data acquisition.  These technological improvements have made some heavy admin areas of operation a breeze.  Which in turn frees up your time to be used more effectively.

Resolution 3) Your attitude – new and positive:

The way you see your role can affect your attitude towards it. Do you see the value in how your role interacts with the surrounding business?  If not, look at some ways in which you can improve upon existing strategies. Improving productivity and performance can be as simple as having a discussion with your employers about the why your role performs the assigned tasks the way that it does.  This in turn can greatly help your understanding and conviction within each task.

Resolution 4) New and visually stimulating work areas:

Layout – if you were searching online for a weekend getaway, would you choose the location with bad lighting, cluttered spaces, and repeated layouts? No. You would choose the most visually appealing location that creates the feeling of freedom or inspiration.  Why doesn’t this intention apply to your work space?  Where possible it is recommended that you adapt or even change the layout of your work space as often as you can.  Adding family photos, scenic shots to inspire you or even the use of funny images can create a more visually stimulating environment for your mind.  This in turn improves on employee productivity and effectiveness. A happy worker is an effective worker.

Now that you have a few examples of professional resolutions its time to start setting yourself some of your own goals.

Any forethought is always a good idea.  For those interested, LMA offers a wide degree of courses to help develop forward thinking and goal orientated thinking, click here to find out more.