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Based in Southern NSW and completely not-for-profit, CareSouth offers help in a number of ways – through Aunties & Uncles, Brighter Futures, Foster Care, Specialist Youth Support Services, Residential Care, Disability Services and Family Connections. CareSouth’s vision is to create a positive future for children, young people, individuals, families and communities, providing opportunities in which people can enhance their quality of life.

In 2016, CareSouth partnered with LMA to deliver their ‘Emerging Leader’s Program’ of which LMA’s Challenge of Leadership course was integral. To be nominated as a participant, CareSouth staff needed to formally present their case for selection to an executive panel and competition was extremely strong for these coveted opportunities. Senior executives were nominated as mentors and the single workplace project was a combined effort of all participants to explore opportunities and to develop a commercial social enterprise pilot. The project, combined with over 250 other personal and business goals delivered during the life of the program, gave this active group of participants an amazing set of practical outcomes with a very significant return on CareSouth’s investment.

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