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CBC Australia

The Issue

A national 50 year old company needs to lift its middle management to achieve projected growth.

The Solution

LMA delivers its accredited Certificate IV in Frontline Management to potential and existing managers drawn from 60 branches.

The Result

CBC Australia’s emergent middle management level has the professional and transferable management skills to move between its operations nationwide and forms a pipeline for senior management.

Brett Bartholomew, Managing Director of CBC explains, “CBC is built on a 50 year proven model and INENCO was formed to enable us to build a bigger organisation by cross-fertilising the skills within CBC. Our culture is to promote from within, yet we needed better managers in order to grow.

LMA’s training is a vital key to this. When our middle managers in graduating from the LMA course presented their projects to the Board, we were amazed at what they are capable of. The result is as a company we’re pulling up our management standards nationally.”

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