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Epworth Freemasons

The Issue

Across the many areas of the hospital, Epworth Freemasons’ employees were moving into management roles, often without formal management training.

The Solution

LMA courses provided theoretical management principles and practical applications for Epworth Freemasons’ middle management tier.

The Result

LMA has given people strategies for management and they are feeling more confident and competent in their roles.

Epworth Freemasons Established as Freemasons Hospital in 1937 by Freemasonry Victoria, Epworth Freemasons Hospital is an integral part of the Epworth Group and is a non-government, not-for-profit, charitable institution providing a range of inpatient and ambulatory care services.

The hospital services include maternity, women’s health, surgical services and comprehensive cancer care facilities. Located in East Melbourne, Epworth Freemasons has 265 beds including a day procedure centre and a critical care unit.

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