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Fairfax Media


The Issue

To help improve training and performance, Fairfax sought external experts to equip supervisory personnel to get the best from their team in a high pressure environment.

The Solution

LMA’s accredited Effective Supervisory Management (now known as Leading and Managing for Results) course delivers practical tools team leaders put into practice immediately.

The Result

Improved team management means a smoother operation of the entire production department, and costs have been reduced as team leaders put into practice the new skills they’ve acquired.

Case 1: LMA tools are catalysts to 20% reduction in machine downtime.

Mark Grima, Coordinator Press Room, had six years of supervisory experience and is responsible for 16 people on any shift in the press department. He claims, “This is the first time I’ve sat an external course and I found it totally enlightening.” He continues, “An important issue for us is minimising page breaks in the printing of the papers. I identified a team with a higher percentage of breaks and, as an eight week project throughout the course, we used the LMA tools to develop a plan of action to improve our performance to help solve the problem. The team grabbed the opportunity and came up with the perfect solution. Performance and morale have soared. We’ve cut down time by 20%, which results in real savings.”

Case 2: Delegation skills improve running of department.

Michael Elliot, Press Room Manager, was mentor to team leader Jamie Patterson. He explains, “Jamie is very intelligent and already a good organiser and planner. His LMA training has given him a higher level of interpersonal skills, so he now knows how to capitalise on relationships and delegates in a way that empowers people. The constant positive feedback and individual attention he got from the LMA coach helped him retain his focus and achieve his goals. The course just hasn’t benefited Jamie, his training has helped me and the entire department.”

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