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Taurus Marketing

The Issue

Tremendous growth of her busy agency left MD Sharon Williams struggling to achieve that elusive life balance.

The Solution

Williams invested in LMA’s Effective Personal Productivity course for herself and her team.

The Result

Enhanced balance and increased productivity of the agency.

Taurus staff found they looked at their working day in a more organised and structured manner and focused on clearly defined High Pay Off activities. Communication with colleagues and management is more efficient and effective and they’ve reduced interruptions by up to 20 percent. Instead of repeatedly breaking the flow of their work to address a colleague, they tend to schedule a time together to address all the little matters collectively.

Stacey Toskas, Account Manager for Taurus, continues, “The course has not only translated itself professionally but has also had a significant impact on my personal life. I now set SMART goals and plan on how I am going to execute and achieve them. I had always considered myself to be very organised and I was initially sceptical about what the course could offer me. However, within one week of commencing the course, I immediately began to experience positive results.”

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