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The Hal Group

The Issue

Rapid organisational growth led to staff disputes and negative feedback from customers and suppliers.

The Solution

LMA tailored an eight week Success Strategies program for the entire HAL Group workforce.

The Result

A dramatic turnaround of the corporate culture; customer and employee complaints are now rare and productivity has soared.

LMA tailored a Success Strategies program and implemented it company-wide to radically transform the corporate culture into one that now supports The HAL Group’s continued growth and has virtually eradicated customer complaints.

The training delivered results beyond original objectives

  • Reduced customer complaints. Dropped from five to one per month
  • Less staff disputes. Staff are now equipped to resolve potentially confrontational situations
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved time management. Steve says, “I’m a practical person so I got a lot out of the time management module. The sales guys loved it as it’s helped them to prioritise.”
  • Better planning skills. “Both the Success Strategies and the Personal Development course gave participants the skills they need to plan their work to get better results.”
  • Effective communication. “I thought I was a reasonable communicator but I needed to be reminded of the difference between assertive and aggressive,” admits Steve.
  • Improved morale

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