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UnitingCare Community

The Issue

Rapid growth of UnitingCare Community and the need for stronger capability across leadership and management levels created three key challenges:

  • Support staff to get better organisational and client outcomes.
  • Create an effective succession plan by developing capability below senior management.
  • Improve staff retention and development by better engagement and personal and professional development.

The Solution

  • A 600% return on investment in training.
  • Improved systems, services and processes delivered average efficiencies of five hours per staff member per week.
  • 94% retention of staff who undertook training.
  • Significant personal achievements in health, relationships, financial and home life, along with strategies to improve work/life balance and self care.

The Result

  • Productivity improved by 20 – 30%
  • Client base grew by 10 – 20%
  • Fewer, more highly motivated staff

“Supporting widely dispersed staff to achieve better organisational and client outcomes, improving staff retention and developing staff professionally and personally were also goals we believed we could reach through our training partnership with LMA,” says UnitingCare Community Executive Director, Bob Gilkes.

UnitingCare Community has achieved a massive 600% return on investment in training, 94% retention of staff and significantly increased average efficiencies of five hours per staff member per week. But the considerable personal benefits gained through LMA’s Total Person® Concept are just as important to this values-based organisation.

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