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Wesfarmers Federation Insurance

The Issue

WFI differentiates itself in the crowded insurance market through the quality of its people and the relationships they build.

The Solution

The LMA model of facilitation, coaching and mentoring fits in with the WFI leadership development program.

The Result

WFI and LMA’s relationship means WFI’s employees are confident and equipped for leadership and management, which means growth for the business.

One of the attractions of LMA for WFI was the fact that its development process addresses both business and personal outcomes. Howard King, CEO of WFI explains, “With LMA we get to develop our people in terms of both leadership and general qualities.”

WFI employees, who have participated in LMA programs, comment that they are impressed by the course structure, networking, real-life goal setting, mentoring, coaching and the personal growth aspect.

Sandra Cunningham, Western Australia Business Services Supervisor at WFI comments that the LMA Effective Personal Leadership course increased her skills for managing people. She explains, “There were real benefits from meeting with people in similar circumstances to me and bouncing ideas off them. I have since done a second LMA course, Challenge of Leadership, which has also contributed to my ongoing development.”

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