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Effective Personal Leadership

The organisation of the future is an organisation where everyone is a leader. It is only when people are able to lead themselves that they are actually empowered to be creative and innovative as well as to achieve the highest level of personal performance and achievement.

A leader’s personal motivation, emotional intelligence and self-image are key to how they perform, respond and lead.

Realise your own personal potential now.

The Effective Personal Leadership course builds on existing strengths and focuses on the required attitude and behavioural changes needed to cope with the pace and fast-changing nature of modern life and business.

LMA’s Effective Personal Leadership course helps participants:

  • Develop clarity, vision and purpose.
  • Define their personal values and goals.
  • Understand and implement actions to strengthen attitudes and behaviours.
  • Develop and implement an Action Plan for their life.
  • Strengthen Emotional Intelligence.
  • Become strong leaders, mentors and coaches.
  • Take charge of their own personal development.
  • Increase personal and team productivity.
  • Create a culture of inspiration and motivation.
  • Have a greater impact on their organisation’s future.
  • Achieve their full potential.

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Expected course duration: 24 weeks

Course booking:
The above dates are provisional and will be confirmed prior to course Number of attendees: Read Terms and Conditions
Benefits from this course
  • Develop clarity, vision and purpose
  • Define personal values and goals
  • Enhance employee attributes and behaviours
  • Strengthen Emotional Intelligence
  • Become strong leaders, mentors and coaches
Course Documents
EPL - Course Brochure
EPL - Course Insight