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Effective Team Development – Short Course

The Effective Team Development course is an intensive team development course for the whole team, including their managers. You’ll find your team outperforms even the best individual team member, achieving outcomes from this course that are far beyond those of conventional team building or team planning days.

The Effective Team Development course assists forward thinking teams to develop more of the unfulfilled potential of both the individual members and the group as a whole.

Team members can expect to:

  • Understand the meaning of a team
  • Improve individual and group productivity
  • Build a high performing team
  • Establish clear defined team goals and develop a Plan of Action to achieve them
  • Determine clear roles and responsibilities within the team
  • Improve communication within the team, and much more.


Does your team function to its full potential and capacity?

Do your team members work together to achieve the team goals?

Unfortunately in business it’s a fact that teams seldom realise their optimum potential.

To develop the ultimate team all members must understand the dynamics of the team and be equipped to fulfil their responsibility in the achievement of overall team goals.


  • Comprehensive resource material including manuals, audio files and plans of action are provided to the participant. This enables multi-sensory learning and easy review.
  • Four interactive workshops conducted by an experienced LMA facilitator/coach.
  • Identification and accomplishment of individual and team goals and objectives.
Course booking:
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Benefits from this course
  • Increase individual and team productivity
  • Improve communications among team members
  • Become more focussed on the achievement of the team goals and objectives
  • Increase self confidence
  • Improve overall team results
Course Documents
Course Brochure
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