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Exceptional Customer Service

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Are your clients and customers impressed every time they contact you?
Would they say that dealing with your company is a positive experience?

Excellence in customer service is integral to an organisation’s strategy and planning – it is not just about the standards, systems, products and services an organisation has to offer, it’s also about the attitudes, knowledge and skills of the people who work within the business.

Comprising of 4 x 2.5 hour modules on a fortnightly basis, the Exceptional Customer Service course is delivered through a blend of different learning experiences to produce meaningful results.

Customers are the most important person in any business; they are the lifeblood of the business. In fact the customer is the end goal of business, since it is the customer who pays for supply and creates demand. Meeting the wants, needs and expectations of the customer is the overriding purpose of the work of every employee in every organisation.

This course supports the planning and implementation of goals to improve personal and your teams customer service performance – delivering an identifiable Return on Investment for the employer.

This short course is available in an Open format with Participants from other organisations or as an In-house course with a team or whole organisation within the workplace. Open course dates are listed above, for In-house enquiries contact us.

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Benefits from this course
  • Increase understanding of the importance of customer service for the organisation, the customer and the staff member / team
  • Improve understanding of the expectations of your customers
  • Develop a ‘be of service’ attitude
  • Build relationships and rapport
  • Develop resilience and personal stamina
  • Develop clear and constructive communication skills
  • Improve style flexing and listening skills
  • Learn how to handle Customer complaints
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Exceptional Customer Service