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Remote Learning and Leadership Management

Remote Learning and Leadership Management

Since the turn of the millennium, the trend to have employees working remotely has grown in popularity among many Australian organisations.

Often teams operate entirely remotely, with members working in different locations or states and even in other countries. In many cases, remote workers form part of blended teams within organisations. In today’s business environment, many organisations are also allowing staff to spend part of their time working remotely, i.e. 3 days in the office 2 days from home.

This growing trend was accelerated dramatically by the once in a century phenomenon of COVID-19 pandemic and the incredible impact that it had on workforces across the globe. Teams that had always worked together at the office were suddenly separated, with employees told to work from home. Teams that had some remote workers or a blended schedule of working from both the office and home were suddenly isolated in lockdown scenarios with no face to face contact for weeks and months on end.

Although the COVID-19 crisis did not create the phenomenon of remote teams, it certainly magnified the issue as a major priority and challenge for most managers and leaders within organisations.

As a manager of remote team members, it’s your role to ensure that the individual members and the team as a whole, achieve the desired results, KPI’s and the team goals set by the organisation. However, at the same time there is the need to nurture, guide and support team members through the difficulties associated with working remotely, to not only ensure they achieve their expected productivity and KPI’s, but to also ensure they maintain their mental wellbeing. This is not an easy task.

Successfully Managing Remote Teams is a program developed for all managers and leaders who have team members who are partially or totally working remotely. Whether this is a new phenomenon for you, or you’ve worked with remote team members for some time, the ideas and principles within this program will ensure you establish and implement the correct guidelines and procedures to achieve the results that you want to achieve. Whether this is a first-time challenge, or you’re renewing the remote teams challenge, its all about the principles of getting ready, set and go.

Overview workshop:
• Introduction to the program Facilitators
• Outline of the program content
• Introduction to other Participants within the program
• Preparing to get the greatest results

Module 1 – READY
• Enable your people to succeed
• Be ready to lead change
• Create the foundation for success
• Review and clarify responsibilities and expectation
• Ensure your team knows what to do
• Ensure your team is enabled with the right skills, resources and tools

Ready checklist

Module 2 – SET
• Engage people in productive work
• Implementing the 8 essentials of working successfully from home
• Creating engagement and ownership
• Keys to leading and managing remote teams for results

Module 3 – GO
• Developing trust across the team
• You as the leader
• Build confidence and motivation
• Build a connected and inclusive team
• The ongoing challenge
• Building and winning and productive team

Course booking:
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Benefits from this course
  • Benefits achieved through effective Coaching or Mentoring
  • What is Above the Line Coaching?
  • Action plans
  • The benefits of active listening
  • Above the line questioning
  • The three types of motivation
Course Documents