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The most important outcome for The Leadership and Performance Group (TLPG) and its associated companies is creating exceptional results through people.

Founded in 1972, TLPG incorporates Leadership Management Australasia, Think Perform and Profiles International Australia. Each company of TLPG works with Australian and New Zealand organisations assisting them to achieve better bottom-line results by improving the leadership, productivity and performance of their people whilst impacting the overall culture of the organisation.

All companies of TLPG are non-competitive and complimentary, allowing for a very simple yet comprehensive offering to our clients.


Creating exceptional results through people by helping our clients become more competitive and sustainable, their investment in training will in turn lead to lower costs and increase in profit through improved productivity, Lean principles and continuous improvement.

We have created a learning strategy that is unique, and deliver our programs through our team of qualified, industry experienced facilitators.

The unique learning strategy model adopted is a very hands-on approach and integrates Lean and Continuous Improvement principles with a flexible learning approach to maximise results.

Every organisation has its own unique set of challenges. Whether organisations have 5 employees or 5,000, Think Perform can design and deliver a tailored business solution to achieve exceptional results. We have successfully implemented customised Continuous Improvement and Lean programs across many industry sectors in Australia.



Creating exceptional results through people by helping our clients gain a competitive advantage by selecting the right people and managing them to their full potential. Our clients achieve this by using our comprehensive employment assessments and innovative talent management solutions.

Our key objectives are to work with organisations to improve their bottom line by helping them build and develop an outstanding workforce, resulting in lower levels of turnover, reduced recruitment costs, higher levels of staff engagement and morale, and increased productivity.

Our assessments and solutions are applicable to all positions within organisations, all industry types and organisational structures.

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