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Sales training courses

What are your sales challenges right now?

Do you need to improve your team’s sales skills? Are you looking to win new clients and retain more existing clients? Are you looking to build more profitable relationships and increase market share?

A sharper sales edge can make the difference every time. LMA’s sales training courses turn your good salespeople into outstanding salespeople as they learn new strategies, develop their selling skills and master the entire sales process.

Leadership Management Australia (LMA) delivers measurable results – based on proven theory. So our training courses will markedly boost your bottom line alongside the sales skills, performance and confidence of your sales teams.

If you need to improve your own sales skills or the sales skills of the people you lead, then LMA has a sales training course to suit your needs – including industry qualifications like the Certificate IV in Business Sales. To discuss which sales training course is most appropriate to your current needs, please contact LMA.

The Sales Edge

LMA offers in depth sales techniques courses. The Sales Edge develops good salespeople into sales champions by developing their performance, sales skills, attitude and their edge to achieve even greater results.

The Performance Edge

LMA’s proven performance improvement course, The Performance Edge improves sales teams by improving their productivity, time management, communication and delegation skills. The course develops the ‘total person’ to assist in each phase of the sales process.

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