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Course: LMR
Name: Pauline Toheriri

I enjoyed learning about who I really am as a leader. Obviously attitudes and behaviour has a big effect on how you lead or who you are as a manager and I believe I have changed my attitude in some aspects in regard to assessing staff professionally rather than on a personal basis. I have a far better balance when recognizing issues and how I deal with them. By prioritising my tasks this has reduced wasted time for the organisation. In the past I have set goals however not to the capacity that I do today. Its challenging and most times rewarding. By setting goals this helps me to create good planning for the team and success for the organisation. Staff morale has improved, less stress, they are more productive. Even my home life has a better balance by setting goals this has improved the organisation of home tasks. Even the little things in home life like when arriving home and lining your shoes up at the back door entrance rather than just flip them of and leave them in the way. It may be a small issue but it has a big impact on the balance of life at home. I have approached the “above the line approach” to succeed rather than lay blame.