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Course: COL
Name: Elbie Muller

I have enjoyed doing the project as this covers all the modules within the course. This was also an area where we needed allot of improvements and where we could gain revenue. I have learned so much during this course and implemented the ideas and steps within my project and direct reports with extreme ease, confidence and great results.

Course: HPM
Name: Ian Upton

A course designed to challenge those who are willing to pay the price!

Course: HPM
Name: Najim Mulani

Its difficult me to select any one or few enjoyable aspect of the course I enjoyed through out and very happy and grateful to ABB for supporting me to join LMA. There are quiet few measurable results for me e.g., above the line thinking, learn importance of effective and impressive communication, how to deal with unfavourable situations… so on. I did achieve some goals like, developing team training matrix, designing new test bay layout. running test bay efficiently. etc.

Course: HPM
Name: Rhys Robinson

The most enjoyable aspect of the course for me was to learn and understand that communication is the glue that develops us as managers and more importantly leaders

Course: HPM
Name: Scott Cresswell

The most enjoyable aspect of the course was the openness of the facilitator and all participants. To bounce ideas of these people and to hear there ideas has been great. I was able to measure what my time was worth and ensure I am spending as much time that I can on my HPA’s. Goals accomplished include developing and following a training plan for my own development.

Course: LMR
Name: Bradley Mellor

The most enjoyable aspect of the course was that the material was made available in three forms. This enabled me to make the most use of spare time to review and complete the material. Also the fact that the material was so relevant to issues being faced in the current team of employees that I manage