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Course: TSE
Name: Nalen Gomizelj

SMART goal setting. This concept, from the beginning to this day has truly help start the biggest changes in my life. This was the original seed of creation that sparked a new chain of thinking & well-being/mindfulness. Creating goals, positive intentions or ideas to improve the well-being and sense of success, I believe, should be taught or enforced frequently in our society. This helps alleviate negative personas in day-to-day life. To put your mind in full focus, to write down your dreams and aspirations with the help & push from LMA has helped me reorganize my life into something far greater than I ever thought perceivable. I believe this is the true foundation of creating a much happier life through regular goal achievements. I’ve learnt all the methods taught to me, revised and put them into practice. That understanding cannot just be taught through knowledge revision, it can only be thoroughly understood after practical personal motivation & experience. After practical experience, increased personal confidence and charisma has been extremely noticeable in everyday life by all of those around me. Increased self-confidence during face-to-face sales meetings or cold calling clients in front of dozens of other high-ranking individuals must be worth a mention. Sales pitching & meeting new people without the fears of failure or judgement- Being on target with a clear goal & BELIEF of success in every situation helps ensure every encounter throughout the day becomes a successful outcome or choice- either within that moment or even the foreseeable future.

Course: TSE
Name: Glenn Boneham

Meeting new people . Gaining new skills .More confident . Better management of my time , business and personal .