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Course: COL
Name: Ken Priest

Understanding the importance of setting SMART written goals and planning processes were 2 of the big things that I got out of the course, along with the effects on myself & my team when it came to managing myself, & efficiently managing my own time. Documenting my HPAs & doing the time analysis made me understand just how much time was being spent on things that I have now delegated to members of my team. I now get to spend a LOT more time managing & leading my team – yep, the purpose of my role. I now believe that I am a much better manager, as well as being a strong leader of my team – to me coaching & mentoring my team is not as daunting a task as it used to be. Watching my team develop under my leadership has now become my top priority, & it pleases me no end to see my individual team members achieve career & development goals of their own.

Course: TSE
Name: Craig Buckingham

Being new to the sales industry, this course has given me a huge leg up on how I should be conducting my day to day activities. There are some key takeaways from this course which I will review independently post-course on a regular basis so it stays fresh.

Course: TSE
Name: Michael Florence

Some very good ideas. I think Ross is an excellent facilitator. Breaking goals into steps reminded me of how best to accomplish goals.