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Course: HPM
Name: Tracy Nicholson

The fortnightly workshops were the most enjoyable aspect of the course. We worked with some very interesting people and the classes were fun and engaging. In one of last workshops we were asked to write about changes we have seen in our classmates over the eight months. I was very surprised at how well we had all got to know each other and the changes we had all noticed in each other. I am definitely a lot more goal focused. l use the principles of goal setting we learnt in the first half the course and the principle of SMART goals. I’m getting great results out of using the goal planner and for more complex goals, breaking them down in to smaller focus goals, taking on a chunk at a time is really paying off. I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for some big jobs that l had been putting off. Learning about the importance of my time and need to devote most of my time to my HPA’s is greatly impacting my performance and productivity. I have delegated many of my tasks by training and developing my staff members. With this increased focus and productivity I have been able to find time to review and agree on some new HPA’s with my manager. These will add significant value to the business. I have acquired many useful tool during the course which l will continue to use and introduce to my team and the business.

Course: HPM
Name: Duncan Cavanough

The course was what I needed! Getting together with other people with similar challenges and sharing ideas every fortnight was one of the enjoyable parts of the course. This ‘brainstorming’ and even role plays was most entertaining. I have been managing people for a while but really did not have sufficient tools to do this job or the confidence to give them what they needed. Over the last few months I have worked closely with staff and not only rolled out some great initiatives, but have brought them together as a team. By being able to measure some department KPI’s we have been able to improve what we do and have some tangible data to create a road map about where we want to go. By being able to create this vision we have our roles all aligned and moving in the one direction, together. Organising skills and getting ‘all my ducks in a row’ was a great achievement over the last few months. It shows that I can do more with a similar amount of time, and if I can run a department and complete over 100 assignments in 10 months I can organise myself to put other HPA’s on the table after LMA finishes. This has also given me the confidence to pursue other activities or education. Thank you to Olga for her guidance over the majority of the course material, she kept me on it the whole way.

Course: TSE
Name: David Hume

Just basically around my presentation skills and the confidence that I have in pre planning my approach to customers. By effectively using my time and blocking out diary time this allows me to be really effective in time management which has been my biggest win out of the course