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Course: COL
Name: Steve Arnold

the most enjoyable aspect was the interaction with my peers. -the fact that the changes that we implemented as a team actually made a difference to the way projects operates and functions. You could actually see the improvement. – Our option to put Our work place project together was a good achievement.

Course: COL
Name: Luke Cardwell

I have been able to reach all 5 of my win – win goals I have made budget for the financial year already & my time management has improved out of site

Course: COL
Name: Bob Duroux

I have found that I can time manage myself a lot better now which gives me more time to spend on HPA’s which is beneficial to the company

Course: COL
Name: David John Cooper

I can adjust my time better and concentrate on the important aspects of my work load, this has given me more space to plan jobs better.

Course: COL
Name: Ben Vromans

Learning to organise myself and prioritise my day to day tasks was probably my biggest gain from the course.

Course: HPM
Name: Thomas Marshall

A fantastic, hands on course that took me out of my comfort zone in the learning process. The “hands on” approach was a great way to interact with both fellow participants and facilitator, rather than sitting back and hoping for an easy sign off at the end. Course content was accurate and reflects what I can use in my day to day role that I am in, and will be a very useful the project that we are currently working through. Facilitator was a great help, his positive, motivating character was a pleasure to deal with a great to learn off. Overall a great experience!

Course: HPM
Name: Matthew Carroll

Would like to mention how enjoyable our facilitator made the course. I really got a lot out of the workshops and enjoyed the thought and discussions they always stimulated. Adrian was fantastic in delivering the course content. Also enjoyed the power that planning and goal setting gave me. I felt in control of my destiny and had a clear destination in mind. The result of my change project was also really satisfying. The way I go about projects is much better planned and as a result runs so much smoother.

Course: HPM
Name: Mark Kennedy

The course allowed me to get a greater insight of my fellow work companions & working in a team environment with them towards the same goal was rewarding. Understanding the importance of planning and delegating has improved my day to day routine and setting goals more frequently has allowed me to accomplish things faster.

Course: HPM
Name: Barry Gell

Without doubt this course has gone a long way to helping me being a better manager. I suppose I have always been considered a leader at Airmaster, being one of the 1st ever employed brings that title to light. I do consider myself a leader and a good leader, but until completing this course I would question whether or not I was a good manager. Measurable results are reflected in my day to day duties, prior to this course I suppose the best way to describe my performance was “not a lot of method in what I do but I do get the job done” I mentioned this to the Managing director one day and he agreed with the assessment. Now I am much more organised, I list my priorities daily before going home, I delegate, I take a much greater interest in those around me and I strive to do better. This course has taught me to be more organised, it has taught me to be a better thinker (about myself and others), it has taught me to be bold in my decision making, I am a far more confident manager than I was 12 months ago. I have mentioned at length during the last half of this course about just how tough it has been trying to run a projects department in a depressed market place, the competition for work is enormous in todays market. I can’t help but wonder just how I would have dealt with these issues without the benefit of the learnings from this course. On a final note I would like thank Adrian for his teaching skills and patience with me when I fell so far behind in this course for various reasons. Your ability to make what appears to be very complicated on paper so easily understandable is a credit to you. As an orator and teacher you have no peers. Congratulations on a job well done.