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Course: HPM
Name: Michael Lacsni

They big success for me is my renewed enthusiasm in implementing all the things I wanted to but didn’t for a variety of reasons. I now have the re-affirmation that my knowledge and abilities are in the right space to improve the support and development of our staff delivering superior customer service from happy staff which means client retention. I am also spending more time with the team developing them and showing interest in their personal progress. I have a real focus on HPA’s and recognise the importance of setting focus goals

Course: HPM
Name: Sweena Gunawardana

Role plays – Given all the participants are from different working backgrounds, it gives the opportunity to learn a lot about lots of things.

Course: HPM
Name: Rachel Patullo

I enjoyed the modules on developing your people the most. It definitely highlighted some areas for me to work on with my own team. In support of this, my change project also worked on the development of team members with cross training. Success has come in the way of team members actively getting involved in the new training processes and their willingness to learn.