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Course: COL
Name: Stefan Webb

A large positive is the fact that you can sit down talk with people from other industries and relate the day to day issues experienced. solutions to problems have also been discussed within these forums. my workplace project has been a positive in the fact that we have identified that we require a new premises and are currently working towards this.

Course: COL
Name: Russell McAdam

I found the course very useful I used many of the skills I learned during the programme to cope with a number of major hurdles I face in my position. I found that Jim ball the facilitator was extremely helpful at all times. I found that he was able to keep the group engaged at all times and the material was delivered well and always seemed very relevant. I really enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it to others looking to gain leadership or time management skills.

Course: HPM
Name: Geoffrey Galvin

The whole process of goal setting/project based activities within the work place is fantastic. Have direct related issues in the workplace and how you deal with them is the best training I have been involved in.

Course: TPE
Name: Paula Watherston

As my Operations manager and Operations Supervisor have completed this course and are now doing the Challenge of Leadership course, I find I can relate to a lot of topics involving HPAs and ROIs on a higher level than previously. I get a lot more job satisfaction now as I use to do list and can visually see my accomplishments of the day/week. I leave my LPAs to delegation. As I have work cover staff on light duties I find they are feeling satisfaction in having task to do. Therefore not interrupting me when they have nothing to do. I also make to do lists for them in the mornings.