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Course: HPM
Name: Richard Shepley

What made the course so interesting and challenging was the real workplace application and results. I made measurable results in all module areas. I learnt a great deal from the course.

Course: HPM
Name: George Gorman

Most enjoyable was finishing off the assignments. Improving my delegating, through practice and practice.

Course: HPM
Name: Dean Foyle

I felt the most beneficial parts of the course related to setting up safety nets, setting bi-weekly focus goals, and achieving a better work:life balance through effective delegation.

Course: HPM
Name: Nick Nelson

At the start of this course I was working flat out each day and had a very skewed work-life balance. This course gave me the skills to get on top the day to day fire fighting and start improving the way I work. Now I have an improved work-life balance but still have an improved work performance. I am focusing on my high payoff activities and not spending time in other areas. I am concentrating good communication and progressive accomplishment of goals.

Course: HPM
Name: George Mikhael


Course: HPM
Name: Troy Robinette

Awareness of what I can influence to improve myself and how I interact with my department.

Course: HPM
Name: Tracy Xing

This course is not just about tools and improvement: Its about different way of thinking and look at things from different point of view which is a leader should have in term of looking things differently. The HPA tools do help the daily activities, but simple things like weekly goal in personal life and work make me think about what I achieved and not achieved as well.

Course: HPM
Name: Michael Stephens

I found the workshops very enjoyable to attend. For the majority of the time spent in the fortnightly workshops I was fully engaged in the discussions. I believe my ability to delegate tasks more effectively is a measureable improvement, as is my time management skills. While my Win-Win Goals were not achieved to the level I had planned, I think it was still a worthwhile exercise to go through the process of setting short-term focused “SMART” goals and being truly satisfied then they were achieved.