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Course: HPM
Name: Dragan Jankovic

Overall very happy I took this course as I must admit I had hesitation and said to myself “Not another course” – I was successful to pass my LPA’s to my inside sales and concentrated on my HPA’s – by doing this I managed to increase my client calls and I know I also increased my book of business – I am positive this has had a major impact in me achieving 35% over my budget – I am now always looking at the slight edge and where I can secure the business with the small adjustment – My goal setting has meaning and I am now putting in small focus goals to ensure I am on the right track – My communication has really picked up and it is marvellous by simply becoming a good listener how much better I am as a communicator. The list is long and a lot learnt

Course: HPM
Name: Ian Redfern

I am in the latter part of my career and had not had any firm plan in place towards transition to retirement . By using this as a personal win/win it enabled me to set out in a logical way all the aspects that I needed to tackle in the short ,medium and long term and is the template for my future plans . This has been the best benefit of being involved in LMA for me .

Course: HPM
Name: Paul Murone

I really enjoyed class and role plays, the interaction with the other people attending made it interesting. The thing that I believe is most measureable was my actually putting anything on paper and then ensuring that I followed through. I definitely learnt the value of time and my worth to my company. Goals I achieved were working at heights program and developing my soft skills which was very important to me.