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Course: TPE
Name: Grant Homan

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Course: TPE
Name: Shawn Oates

I enjoyed watching others in the course learn. Some were inspirational in their obvious dedication and willingness to progress through the material.

Course: TPE
Name: Peter Speight

My problem was time management. The course helped me identify areas where I was poor and how I could improve it. I liked the imperative/important cards and adopt this every day, I lock my door with a DND sign and can get more work done in one hour without interruptions than I ever could. I’ve delegated tasks and listen more to my teams. I now try and help them using some of the tools I have from LMA to help them better improve themselves. By doing this and staying in contact communication I feel we can only get better in our service and support structure.

Course: TPE
Name: Stephen Sharman

The class discussions were very open and most people contributed. Focus goals and imperative/important tasks were the highlights for me.