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Course: COL
Name: Arwin Elauria

I like the part where we work in groups and Paul has really created a very good environment where we feel comfortable with each of the participants. I think I can communicate better after the course.

Course: COL
Name: Karl Matiu

Learning effective delegation and coaching techniques have been the biggest areas of development for me. Seeing not only my employees grow into their prospective positions better but effective communication between us has improved the workplace generally. This has improved moral, improved efficiency, and as a result productivity has improved. Having no prior experience with a course like this I can only rate it very highly. It is very professional with people who are well trained.

Course: HPM
Name: Darren Farimbella

I gained a lot from the personal application content. I feel I am better organised and have the time required to work more effectively on my HPAs. The habit of goal setting has also helped create time by not letting things drag out and achieving set goals on a regular basis give me a feeling I am making a difference. I have implement several of the learning from the course using some of the tools provided. All in all I think I am a more effective, efficient manager.

Course: SSTLS
Name: Scott Doran

I had gone through a stage of being a mate to my team. my M/M has supported me with feedback on my progress with now being a manager of my staff. the ability to lead a team of employees that now are accepting my role as their supervisor. this is still an ongoing principal of practise within my company. At the start of the coarse I was not (in the mood) mainly due to personal reasons. Going through a separation, selling my house, communication with my ex partner was not going well. this affected my health and outlook on life. During the coarse Leslie took the time out to have a chat and discussed what we apply at work, apply this to my personal issues. This was what I was looking for, I have met a new group of friends that are in the same situation as myself, I use what I have learnt to assist them, we now have goals set in place, the small ones we achieve these each week, There is one major goal we have set for ourselves and can’t waited for April 2014. a 3 month tour of Australia.

Course: TPE
Name: Chris Harris

The reintroduction of goal setting in my life has given me purpose and the ability to challenge myself in all areas of my life.

Course: TSE
Name: Mary Khoury

Focus Goals – It became a habit to create focus goals (conditioned). Through this the ability to see and prioritize daily and weekly requirements and complete tasks in order of urgency. Time management – understanding the importance of planning and understanding exactly how I use my time and how much more time I do have to complete tasks. These two have given me the ability to step back and think about areas I can improve but also how I can do it. Have become more time efficient and clear headed. I do not start my day without a list!

Course: TSE
Name: Matthew Austin

I have improved my diary keeping processes and am even better organised than before. I learnt the importance of the whole sales process, the importance of Occupational Health & Safety and my responsibilities and the value of goal setting. I have now moved to a sales role in a new company and was able to impress them with my sales knowledge, a lot of learnt from the course.

Course: TSE
Name: Mark Collins

My Major and priority goal that I set at out start of the course was to actively seek a promotion. Following the steps I had set out I managed to be promoted to a State Manager. Although a challenging roll it is very rewarding and I look forward to each day at work and a new found enthusiasm and a chance to motivate my team to also strive to meet targets, which in turn they will be financially rewarded through bonuses. My promotion also comes with its own financial rewards

Course: TSE
Name: Ronald Rose

Measureable results- A number of my staff commented on the level of skills that I was promoting to them without even knowing. It was great to be able to share each weeks modules with them and build upon their skills. The sales plan in module 10 has helped immensely in the recent launch of a new product and I still get to keep referring to it to ensure the project is still on track to success.

Course: TSE
Name: Paul Johnson

I was able to successfully roll out butynol training to over 10 applicators over the past 6 months, the benefit from this roll out was more sales and an increased appreciation of the BUTYNOL product.

Course: TSE
Name: Shane Anderson

Since starting the coarse I have in some of my store increased their turnover by more then 85% over last years budget which I have accounted for by the extra knowledge and tools that I have received during the sales coarse. I have also had the tools to successfully negotiated the supply of all tiling adhesives and associated products for 620 units on The Sunshine Coast

Course: TSE
Name: Gavin Lomas

yes that would be good

Course: TSE
Name: Paul Dollard

Setting clear and defined goals has helped me focus daily in a professional manner and strive to achieve regular results. I have been able to measure my results through constant evaluation and feedback from peers and advocates. This course has given me the opportunity to approach Management about my future in the company and has resulted in a promotion in my role of looking after our major client. I would like to thank Deb for her professional and friendly manner in conducting the course it has been very enjoyable.