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Course: HPM
Name: Eric Jas

The fortnightly workshops were of very high value. The amount of homework and my limited time to complete them has sometimes hindered the progress of the course. Overall very much worth the effort and commendable to any manager.

Course: LMR
Name: Allison Selman

I have derived a lot of benefit from attending the course. It provides a well-paced and practical approach to learning; which gives the participant time to think, reflect, and implement minor changes / adjustments that can lead to a long term change in behaviour. Clint is an amazing facilitator who engaged and energised the group with many interesting and challenging discussions. We had a positive group that participated in all discussions – which meant that the workshops were thoroughly enjoyable. I have signed up for the next module in 2015 and look forward to implementing some of the learnings from this module before I start the next module. Thanks!