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Course: COL
Name: Daniel McMahon

The course content is very comprehensive. Having the ability to listen to the course content each fortnight in the car has been a great help. Above all I believe the way the content has been delivered by Deb Hann in an interesting, engaging way has been the highlight. I certainly feel better equipped and more confident to lead my team in a structured way with the right tools.

Course: COL
Name: Deby Kelly

The course has given me confidence to lead my team and to help them have confidence in their decisions. It is has assisted me in understanding them individually and as a group. We have implemented several projects within the team. This has helped to grow the team and trust each others experience and decision making.

Course: COL
Name: Jennifer Dwan

I found that the most enjoyable part of the course was the fortnightly catch up sessions with other participants. A lot of the courses that I have done are in house so it was interesting to hear what challenges/problems that people have within their working environment. When I first started this was probably the part that I was dreading most but I have found it to be very good.

Course: COL
Name: Angela Cameron

I think that I have developed a better time management skill the ability to communicate better with peers and higher manager more confidently Listening to team members ideas and not being so negative take the personal aspect out of it

Course: COL
Name: Angela Brady

There is so many things achieved there is too many to mention. I now believe I can lead people rather than just tell them what to do. It is a more pleasant team to work in and I now know how to sell things to the team and get their buy in and a better understanding of what was causing frustration and friction previously. I have also noticed a big change in the team members enthusiasm towards their work and have been able to delegate them some challenging and empowering tasks. Overall there is less interruptions for all team members because they are more confident in their daily work tasks.

Course: COL
Name: Joan Scott

I have enjoyed doing this course so very much, my class mates and facilitator have been great, couldn’t of wished for better. I have accomplished many of my Win Win Goals Learnt a lot about myself. That I can study and enjoyed it. Was able to get back to basics and realise my strengths and weaknesses.