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Course: COL
Name: Benjamin Geatches

The most useful thing I think I learnt during the course was using the time management planner and the win-win agreement goals. Setting target dates and action steps allows me to track my progress and give me an urgency to be able to complete them.

Course: TPE
Name: Robert Musznig

I found a couple of tools from this course very helpful which are the time analysis sheet and the Interruption Analyser This has helped me identify were all my time was being spent and wasted so I can now better organise and manage my days more effectively which allows me to schedule in more time to work on my HPAs. By having better time management it has allowed me to focus on and achieve more important tasks such as my focus goals and my win win goals by achieving these goals I have become better organised and has saved the company $ by having implemented better systems and procedures and reducing down time.