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Course: SSTLS
Name: Jamie-Lee Adams

interacting with everyone in the course. Talking to them and having the chance to hear about how they perform at work. I was able to take with me from this course how to properly delegate certain tasks to staff and to get them to achieve what they set out to do and to do it correctly. Better communicator through e-mail, phone and face to face made sure all team members understood what had to be done and why. Time management I am still working on but I did train and got help in the office. I achieved my Time Management Goal to successfully have Luke trained and competent in the office role which when I am away he can do office work and perform my job efficiently. All other Goals I achieved but am still working on them as I have not achieved them 100% yet

Course: SSTLS
Name: Lanie Evans

The course overall re enforced many of the practices already being carried out. It supplied a new way of viewing the same old problems, and gave us the tools to handle them by ways of improving our methods of tackling them, by offering better processes to follow and guidelines to make the right choice when faced with a problem. It offered the steps to follow when confronted with issues , work practices, methods, procedures, people problems and higher management.

Course: TSE
Name: David Eaton

The course helped to hone and refocus my skills, having been in sales related positions for over 20 years. I enjoyed Deb’s interaction with the class members, and the way the class worked together as a group supporting and encouraging each other. The Role plays were very useful. My LMA Course Coach was David Turner, who did an excellent job of support and had great interaction with me.