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Course: HPM
Name: Antonette Crisci

The most successful aspects of the course was the different approaches to management when it comes to addressing issues with staff performances. Major achievements were achieving Training plans and induction checklists and time management, Learning how to delegate.

Course: HPM
Name: Helen Buckley

I found most of the course content very relevant and have become convinced of the need and value of goal setting – from previously not seeing the need or value as necessary for me. HPA’s and other time management skills have helped me to reduce my hours at work. The tools related to time management are also very helpful. All information of performance management of staff was helpful particularly the role plays in increasing confidence levels to tackle the difficult conversations. Best ideas discussions were good. I found highlighting text from manuals a useful learning tool. Group work and small group discussions also very positive.

Course: HPM
Name: Michael Sorgiovanni

My greatest achievements through this course may be small aspects but such a large result, I have discovered a way to manage my time to maintain my work load, with time management strategies taken from the course this is daily to do list and set tasks for the week and business focus goals

Course: HPM
Name: Vanja Alfaro

Change project, although frustrating at time looking back it has made us achieve something for the whole team and the organization. Every Single module bought something with it.. at times you don’t even realize what you read has sunk in until the following week you are doing something at work and following the module’s learning .

Course: HPM
Name: Lee Dean

I recently had a supervision with my manager and I received very favourable feedback on my improvement’s at work. I attribute a lot of this to the knowledge and awareness I have gained through the LMA course, especially my HPA’s and time management skill’s.