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Course: HPM
Name: Michael Berner

The HPA exercise. To gain clear insight “Where I am now” by completing the time analysis worksheet helped me to improve my organisational skills concentrating on my HPAs and start delegating low payoff activities (approx. 2 hrs. per day). I have completed the following Win-Win Agreement Goals: 1. Achieve the increase of winning quotes across department by 5% Benefits: The sales revenue has been increased by 2% (approx. $110,000.00) 2. Set-up meetings with customers to discuss opportunities and our capabilities (1 customer/month) Benefits: Better understand customer needs, increase the total sale of products and services to existing customers. 3. Analyse and clean-up old stock parts for one of our existing customer (Macdonald Johnston). Benefits: Not caring old stock, create more space for Kanban Parts. The revenue from selling old parts stock achieved – $2500.00 4. Develop and implement processes and procedures of handling of the offcuts. Benefits: Reduce green house gas emission. Better utilization of storage space. My Course Project ” M1 Training and Personal Development” will improve and increase the optimisation of ERP system and will continue to pay dividends into future.