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Course: TPE
Name: Robert Chittick

Great sessions – great people – great conversation. I have become more organised, more focussed on HPAs, greater awareness of time analysis. There are many small and large take always – it is encouraging to think that when I review the course myself (for example monthly), there will be more things that I can introduce in my work life, or my team’s work life.

Course: TPE
Name: Kean Burke

Win Win Goals were achieved together with weekly individual & business goals.

Course: TPE
Name: Paul Boykos

Overall time management skills were increased including goal setting, planning, maintaining and completion – with re-focus again. Great course, very valuable on all fronts. Highly recommended.

Course: TPE
Name: Alexander Hughes

I started the course thinking I was pretty much around goal setting and prioritising, I soon found that I could be doing things a lot differently. Setting SMART goals, giving myself my “own” time to determine action steps, time and ultimately committing this to my diary were very beneficial. I also found the analysis of time very useful in determining where my time is spent and where and how I could be using it more effectively