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Course: COL
Name: Bronwyn Putland

The benefits I and my workplace have received include: Better time management and organisation saving me significant dollar value of time The ability to focus on High Pay off activities Stronger open communication flow between the team Ability to implement new opportunities and achieve great efficiencies by reviewing the way we do things and how we can be more innovative Greater efficiencies and cost savings in printing A quicker period of adjustment into my new role, which allowed for me to undertake more work at a quicker pace, time and dollar savings for increased efficiencies Communication review allowed for new initiatives to take place and will hopefully result in increased sales next year. I have developed a more positive habits around time management. I have utilised these tools to limit my interruptions by phone, email and people within the workplace. I have been able to better focus on tasks I am assigned and complete them more efficiently because I am not interrupted. Overall my confidence as a leader has increased. I am able to lead a team of people with clear and concise communication and effective action plan/task management tools.