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Course: TPE
Name: Rene Le Miere

The most enjoyable part of the course were the weekly sessions and interactions with other participants and to hear a new and sometimes better way to create success. The biggest results I achieved was understanding how I spend and use my time throughout the day. Monitoring the way I use time throughout the day allowed me to understand how to better prioritise tasks and set reasonable goals that can be achieved.

Course: TPE
Name: Geoffrey Edkins

I found the group I was in to be very stimulating through the discussions and activities. I received very useful tools to assist me in my work and home life. I improved my time management by identifying where my time was being used each day and establishing my HBA’s so I could amend the time distribution accordingly. Improved how I handle interruptions, (phone, email and staff.) Use of why, how, what sentences to make staff think for themselves before asking questions of me. Use of active listening when receiving calls or in face to face conversations.

Course: TPE
Name: Vladimir Yuferov

The most enjoyable was meeting people from different industries and levels and sharing life and working experience within workshops.

Course: TPE
Name: Glen Smallwood

I enjoyed the classes and interaction also the facilitator was very good. I have accomplished 3 of my 4 Win Win goals and have set HPA’s which I am trying to accomplish. We now have tool box meetings and the communication and feedback has improved a great deal . I also use the imperative/important cards which I find helpful . I am trying to delegate more which is freeing my time to work on my HPA’s. Overall I’m satisfied with the results we have achieved

Course: TPE
Name: John Craig

I found the course was planned for the natural progression to graduate, with application to the end result Graduation is assured. Time well spent, a professional organisation to gain the performance edge.

Course: TPE
Name: Brendan Berti

I have become a better person however I stated before this could have been achieved in a shorter period with a more direct system in place. The questions where to heavily based on feelings not facts.

Course: TPE
Name: Volker Sukop

Identifying my HPA’s and goals were not difficult if we were made aware of it. I could see the importance of managing my time more effectively as we can’t recover time. Communication is a key factor in our everyday lives and an ongoing learning process where we can constantly learn new ideas communicating with others. To have sympathy for others around me and learn to let others have their say. It is easier and more effective to achieve our goals if our team perform as ONE unit.

Course: TPE
Name: Gordon Fagan

For me, the most enjoyable parts of this course was the actual workshops, the interaction of the course facilitator and participants, who were from a wide and diverse back ground, all of whom were very willing to express their work life experiences and problem solving as associated with the course. I think I was very fortunate to be in this group.