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Course: COL
Name: Steve Spires

Enjoyed all our classroom discussions great to get feedback from other members. Have learnt to listen to my team allot more, and they are now not afraid to come up with different ideas. We have created a good team environment with great working conditions.

Course: HPM
Name: Alan Didus

Most enjoyable aspect were the workshops. It has taught me the importance and effectiveness of setting goals. The course was very relevant to my job role. It has made me more organised and confident in my job. Adrian was a brilliant facilitator.

Course: HPM
Name: Darren Homer

Learning to prioritise. Understanding high pay off activities realising the importance of other peoples ideas and input importance of getting buy in

Course: HPM
Name: Luke Wilkinson

Most enjoyable aspects of the course was the general discussion, the interaction of the group for mutual benefit. Adrian’s ability to challenge your thinking and break old (bad) habits. The course gave you a retrospective view of your current management style and challenged you to think about where improvement was required.

Course: HPM
Name: Dragi Ristevski

I found the course to be very “real” and “practical”. Regardless of what industry you are from the course enables communication within the group and relates to what happens in your work. The ideas generated and discussed by the group enables you to take the good and fit them into your environment. I found the course asks a lot of questions of yourself and how you do things and how you can improve things! The goals are your own goals and when they are achieved, there is a sense of satisfaction.

Course: LMR
Name: Brad Partington

The weekly workshops were a great help to me. Being able to interact with members from different organisations and industries was a great help and opened my eyes to the benefits of input from many members in a team environment.

Course: MHP
Name: Glen Ellis

Interaction in the group was great I was able to interact with members of the group and get options on how to resolve an issue. Return on investment on workplace project was an eye opener. Other things achieved were – Open Communication within the team, Positive environment created and Goals being achieved

Course: SSTLS
Name: Gary Theobald

the jigsaw puzzle good eye opener kpi;s for picking rate’s new shrink wrapping area mechanical strapping machine my job description my quit program stop smoking company supporting my one on one meetings very good

Course: SSTLS
Name: Bernard Pondard

The most enjoyable aspect was how easy it is to set yourself goals. Before joining this course I never set myself any goals in life or work. My department now looks at different ways we can achieve the best out come on certain situations for our company. My main accomplishment was the art of delegation and how important it was to our company.

Course: TPE
Name: Jenny Balasooriya

Time management. More attention to high pay off activities by delegating low pay off activities. To get work done on time.

Course: TPE
Name: Colleen Opie

I found a lot of new ideas to make life a lot easier/better at work and at home, I have a cost value so far of 115,000 in my half way review we estimated I bring in 5000 per month should be around 60,000 per year but as of today I have been doing it for nine months and have a total value to date 115,000 so I think I deserve a pay rise lol

Course: TSE
Name: Jordan Leona

Best goal for me was achieving the amount of accounts I wanted to open and trade with. Over the course of a year, have opened 17 new accounts. From a personal level, I am more focused on HPA’s. I constantly strive to be better than my competition.

Course: TSE
Name: David Ford

I really enjoyed going into the classroom every fortnight, Michael was engaging with everyone in the classroom and conversation was relevant to day to day working situations. Good to see other sales people ideas feedback. Its the first time I have set any business goals, to document and follow up and then achieve was a real accomplishment for myself and I will continue to practice and use tools provided into the future. Increasing my GP for the last Qtr. by 3% was my biggest achievement by adopting LMA methods helped me achieve this I am a better sales person today by having completed the course. Thank you for showing me the sales edge.

Course: TSE
Name: Leigh Hooper

A major highlight has been the interaction between different people from different organisation in each of the classes. We have not only learnt a lot from each other but also become friends during the course. Michael as a facilitator has been outstanding. His teaching methods have been first class and the way he interacts with the class is excellent. Personally, I have taken some significant steps forward in my personal development in not just one particular area but all-round skills, whether this be time organisation, product/service knowledge, sales techniques, knowing your customers etc. this course has assisted in all areas of the business. I have been able to either achieve or take some strong steps forward in all of my win-win agreement goals and this has taught me the importance of goal setting. I will ensure that in future I’m setting goals not only for my professional career but for my personal life. Outstanding course and I thank all at LMA.

Course: TSE
Name: John McTaggart

Inter action with sales people from other industries and being able to discuss and empathise with each other regarding day to day hurdles we face. Time management has been a major success for me , it is something I continue to work on but LMA has allowed me to focus on this and put my efforts towards HPAs and recognise what are LPAs.

Course: TSE
Name: Alan Didus

The most enjoyable aspects were the classes. They were very enjoyable and relevant. Mike was excellent. I am now spending more time on HPA’s and I am seeing the results in my sales.

Course: TSE
Name: Chris Puff

The biggest thing that will stick with me after this course is time management. By completing this course I found myself an extra 8 hours a week to visit customers by simply delegating simple tasks to other employees. Other key factors were to prioritise my daily tasks and only allow an allocated amount of time.