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Course: COL
Name: Robert Nassar

Through my experience in LMA I found that the course structure and training has been designed not to train its participants as such rather develop them through the way we think, work, interact and live. Sure the course can be a bit tedious and repetitive at times but as it provides direct application back into the workplace, its definitely a beneficial program overall. I personally have realised the absolute importance of HPA’s, as a Project Manager of a large organisation it’s up to me to utilise my time efficiently, to provide the company with the best time for money circumstance and to advance those around me. The best practice in doing this is through prior planning, organisation, change and overall understanding of what time is worth. LMA has been a great eye opener to a lot of such scenarios. Thank You

Course: TPE
Name: Angus Gray

By the end of the course I was confident in setting and achieving SMART goals. Setting focus goals and action steps helped me achieve a great personal goal – settling my first home The participant interaction was fantastic. I could really feel the difference the course material was having on everyone.

Course: TPE
Name: Michael Workman

The course allowed me to perform a self-assessment of my life as a whole not just my work life. It identified that I had neglected other areas of my life and that I had developed a closed minded determination for work successes only. The course has now opened my eyes to start setting goals outside of work and introducing successes back into my non-work life.

Course: TPE
Name: Trent Dunoon

– Being to able to focus 80% of my time on HPA’s – Being able to write and focus on goals and achieve them. – Learning to Actively listen with others and be able to respond effectively – Being able to delegate tasks and let those tasks be completed in the